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Get Fit with Fierce 4– Funk and Martial Arts with Pepper Von & Janis Saffell!

Sweet spring is here and summer is on the horizon. You want to be in shape so you can rock those shorts, dresses and swimsuits. Check out this fierce and fun workout master-minded by fitness pro Janis Saffell and funk expert, Pepper Von.

The FIERCE4® Workout = Are you Ready to TRAIN HARD & PLAY HARDER?
The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and you get the FIERCEST body in 60 days.!

Using proven fat-burning and effective sculpting techniques with simple kicking, lunging, dance, pilates, yoga and punching moves which get you in the fat-burning zone fast! FIERCE4® “F4”TM is a fusion of Kickboxing, Fun-k, Pilates, Yoga, Organic Nutrition and Life Enhancement Philosophies.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY of maintaining balanced wellness.
The secret to the FIERCE4® workout results: (Fused Discipline) F4 Interval Training. FIERCE4® students transform into ultimate fighters; fun-k street dancers; elegant ripped pilate masters; and flexible meditation yogi’s all in one class. The fusion of these F4 disciplines (Kickboxing, Fun-k, Pilates, and Yoga) keep the classes exciting, fun and very rewarding!

FIERCE4® -The method behind the Train Hard / Play Harder.
The technique shifts your fat-burning focus from cardio to resistance training by alternating between martial arts & dance moves–adding resistance training with traditional pilate & yoga moves all in one class. A person will build lean muscle that supercharges your metabolism so you burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep! No equipment or weights needed because we use the weight of our bodies for added resistant training. Each FIERCE4® workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between cardio kickboxing, fun-k dance, strength training with yoga & pilates in choreographed intervals.

The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and you get the FIERCEST body in 60 days. Each FIERCE4® class closes with a positive affirmation quote. This is repeated at the end of every class for one month. Each FIERCE4® student receives a monthly organic recipe treat to increase nutritional awareness.

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Stevie Wilson,

FOX News - Colorado's Best

Martial arts meets funk-Fierce 4

Martial arts meets funk and pilates and yoga….for a fun new workout called Fierce 4. The new workout debuted at the AAAI Conference in Colorado Springs. Fitness celebrities Janis Saffell and Pepper Von led the sweaty masses.

March 22, 2012