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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in hosting a FIERCE4 Level 1 Instructor Certification Course. Please click the link for a Host Site Request form. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about hosting a FIERCE4 Certification:

1.  Who may attend?

Prerequisite:  AFAA/ACE/AAAI/NASM or other equivalent nationally recognized primary certification is HIGHLY recommended prior to the certification and MANDATORY prior to teaching the FIERCE4 System.

2.  Any recommendations?

FIERCE4 Fitness is for Everyone!  We welcome both Group X Instructors and Personal Trainers.  It is highly recommended that attendees have some knowledge of kickboxing, dance, pilates, yoga, however, it is not a requirement or necessary as we teach the fundamentals of each form.

3.  What does it cost to host?

There is no fee to the facility to host an instructor certification.

4.  What does the host facility get?

The host facility will receive one FREE certification registration. Usually the free person chosen is a staff instructor.  The FREE person should be available to assist the FIERCE4 Certification Trainer with onsite registration, setup and breakdown if the host facility Group X Manager is unavailable. The FIERCE4 Home Office will register this FREE person.  This person does not register online, however they must submit their contact information to the FIERCE4 Home Office via email.

5.  May host facility use the FIERCE4 Logo on schedule?

There is no monthly fee for a facility to use the trademarked FIERCE4 name and logo, as long as the instructors have been trained by FIERCE4, Inc. and are an active F.U.N. member with a current certificate of completion.  The hosting facility must also maintain the FIERCE4 trademark on the group exercise schedules and all other marketing material containing its name or description that is ever distributed. *If host site does a special event for which the FIERCE4 class will be taught, host site must receive approval from the FIERCE4 Home Office prior to event where the FIERCE4 name, logo, image will be used.

6.  What is the registration fee?

$189 per person. Fee includes: 150 page Instructor Training Manual, FIERCE4 Music, White Belt Level 1 Bracelet, Inspirational Bracelet, Certificate of Completion, plus ACE/AFAA CEC’s.

7.  How do instructors register?

All certification attendees register online at  For group discount rates see below.

8.  Is there an early bird discount?

Pre-registration is highly recommended – Early Bird registration is $159.  Early Bird pricing is available until 3 weeks prior to the scheduled certification event and will increase to regular pricing.

9.  Can instructors register the day of the event?

Onsite registration is $239 and available only if space allows.

10.  How do I reserve my hosting date?

Reserve your FIERCE Certification, workshop/masterclass date by completing the Host Request Form It is recommended to provide us with at least 3 hosting date choices. FIERCE4 Certifications are scheduled a minimum of 6 to 10 weeks in advance.  Example: reserve a date in Aug for a Nov certification. To guarantee a preferred date, more notice is recommended.

11.  What are the requirements for hosting a certification?

The host facility MUST guarantee only 15 minimum paid registrants to secure the event date and should the hosting facility fail to meet the required minimum, the host facility will agree to pay the difference at the "On Site" registration fee. Please keep in mind that it is a TOTAL number of registrants to meet the minimum requirement. Registrants do not have to be employees of the host facility.  Once the training date has been mutually agreed upon by the host facility and FIERCE, Inc., there are absolutely NO CANCELLATIONS.

12.  What does host facility need to provide the day of the event?

Facility should provide a room to fit a group of at least 30 individuals. Room should be available for the entire day to allow for adequate set-up prior to the certification and breakdown after the certification. A wood floor, CD and/or iPod adaptable sound system with microphone, mirrors and floor mats are preferred and recommended. Air conditioning is required. 2-3 tables for registration and product sales are preferred. The host must provide a minimum of 2-3 helpers (usually the free person and 2 others) for the night before the instructor certification (for set up) and on the morning (usually from around 7:00-9:00am) for registration.

13.  Why include a Master class?

Create the FIERCE4 BUZZ…Tease and Tempt!!!  Make it an event to remember at your facility!  Offer a sample FIERCE4 master class to whet members’ appetites.   Hosting a FIERCE4 master class will get members excited about the new class format on your schedule!   Host facility may schedule a FIERCE4 Master Class open to all club members the day prior to the Certification.  Instructors registered for the certification may attend for $10.  Club member masterclass fee is $25. 

14.  Host site is responsible for updating staff by providing information about the training!

Front desk, staff, and management should be advised to answer questions about the Certification and Fee Based FIERCE4 master class if one has been scheduled. They should refer interested parties to

15.  How long is the Instructor Certification?

Instructor Training Hours: One-Day (9 hour) instructor certifications are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m. with registration beginning 1 hour prior, with a 30 min lunch break.  Therefore any classes normally held in the reserved studio, on those training days will need to be canceled or rescheduled. Some exceptions can be made. It is the host facilities responsibility to manage the studio's schedule during the day of training.

16.  How to promote the training?

FIERCE4, Inc will provide advertising and marketing materials to assist in the promotion of the certification and/or workshop. The host site will receive an email flyer promoting the FIERCE4 training. Host site may forward this flyer to their contacts. FIERCE4, Inc will provide a flyer template for host site to print and display throughout the facility.  The event will also be advertised through the FIERC4 website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and to thousands of subscribers on the FIERCE4 email marketing list.  Host facility must help in marketing the instructor certification by networking with local and regional contacts, facilities, gyms, as well as area instructors, and by posting the event on host site website and social media sites.

17.  Is there a group discount rate?

For the Hosting Facility, we offer a group discount for a minimum of 20 or more registrants for the FIERCE4 Instructor Certification.  Host facility must work directly with the FIERCE4 Home Office to arrange this group rate. All group registrants are processed through the FIERCE4 Home Office at a rate of only $139 per registrant and anyone receiving this rate MUST be registered 4 weeks prior to the scheduled FIERCE4 Training date.

18.  What is the cancellation policy?

Once the training date has been mutually agreed upon by the host facility and FIERCE, Inc., there are absolutely NO CANCELLATIONS.  Once a host has committed to a certification date, the host is expected to make every effort to hold the event as scheduled In extenuating circumstances, if the host is unable to provide the stated facility, the host will provide FIERCE4, Inc. with an alternative venue of equal size in the local area.  FIERCE4, Inc reserves the right to cancel the certification due to low registration or any other extenuating circumstances such as weather or other issues that may arise. FIERCE4, Inc. will make every effort to reschedule the certification. FIERCE4, Inc. will not be responsible for expenses and losses resulting from such cancellations, i.e., travel expenses.

19.  Can instructors buy FIERCE4 merchandise?

FIERCE4 Certification Trainers may bring a limited amount of FIERCE4 merchandise to sell to the workshop attendees or members. There is no % or fee paid to the host facility and/or club.

20.  What is needed from the Host Facility the day of the event?

The FIERCE4 Certification Trainer will need 2-3 tables on the evening before the instructor training to set up registration and other needs. A light colored wall or screen is needed to project the FIERCE4 Certification Power Point Presentation. Please provide a trash can to help keep room clean.

21.  Does host facility process registrations and handle transactions?

The FIERCE4 Certification Trainer will run all the transactions on the day of the certification. All registrations and money are handled through the FIERCE4 website and the FIERCE4 Certification Trainer.

If you have additional questions regarding Hosting a FIERCE4 Certification please Click Here.

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