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Automatic Enrollment Payments:

Instructors who have enrolled in an automatic ongoing payment program (such as F.U.N. Program) may cancel all future F.U.N. packages at any time after the first F.U.N. package is received by emailing [email protected] Due to the nature of the virtual products the F.U.N. packages are non-returnable and non-refundable. Remember the F.U.N. subscription is per-quarter, so if you unsubscribe in the middle of a quarter, you will still be charged for the 3 months.

Instructors enrolled in the F.U.N. Program automatically remain as authorized FIERCE4® certified instructors, and the F.U.N. Program satisfies their ongoing continuing education as a FIERCE4® certified instructor (and there is no need to attend subsequent FIERCE4® sessions to maintain their status as an authorized instructor).

In the event an instructor cancels the F.U.N. Program, then the instructor will need to attend and complete a FIERCE4® workshop session course within one year of cancelling the F.U.N. Program (based upon the last F.U.N. Program package date). Failure to satisfy one of these FIERCE4® requirements within one year will end the FIERCE4® instructor’s authorization status and such instructor is no longer authorized to teach FIERCE4® programs, utilize FIERCE4® trademarks and FIERCE4® intellectual property. An instructor’s authorization status can be re-instated at any time thereafter by attending a FIERCE4® workshop session or completing another FIERCE4® certification course.