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What is F.U.N.?

F.U.N. = FIERCE4 Ultimate Network

F.U.N. - FIERCE4 Ultimate Network is designed to provide certified FIERCE4 Instructors with essential tools to help you build a successful FIERCE4 business and keep you up to date with all THINGS F.U.N.!

As a FIERCE4 Instructor you are required to keep your FIERCE4 certification current by either attending a workshop every year or being a member of F.U.N.F.U.N. members are a close family community & network were you interact with the FIERCE4 Directors, F4 Master Trainers and each other. F.U.N. Members receive continuing education, new F4 choreography, FIERCE4 Music, F4 marketing materials, teaching techniques and professional development tools. Therefore, as a F.U.N. member your FIERCE4 Certificate is current as long as you remain an active F.U.N. member.  Only F.U.N. members have the license to use the FIERCE4 trade marks.

How do I become a F.U.N. member?

Joining is simple and fun!  When you attend a FIERCE4 Certification Training, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for F.U.N. on site. If you were unable to complete the F.U.N. membership at the training you may join F.U.N. by logging in to your instructor account at and clicking “Join the F.U.N.

What are the requirements for Joining the F.U.N.?

To qualify for the F.U.N. Membership you must:

  • Be a current FIERCE4® Certified Instructor
  • Have a national primary aerobic or personal training certification (AFAA, ACE, AAAI, etc)
  • Be CPR certified

How do I update my instructor profile?

Keeping your profile up to date is extremely important. Upload pictures, videos and update your profile by logging in to your instructor account at

May I Share the F.U.N. tools?

The F.U.N. policy specifically states that the F.U.N. membership is strictly for F.U.N. FIERCE4 Certified Instructors only!

One exclusive benefit of being a F.U.N. Member is receiving F4 choreography, F4 music, F4 recipes, etc. virtually. Because this is an exclusive benefit, sharing these tools is against the policy of F.U.N.. That means you cannot make copies of the FIERCE4 videos, F4 songs and or post on youtube or any social media platform.

If your clients and/or students ask you about the amazing FIERCE4 music you use in class, they may purchase the FIERCE4 CD selections at

How do I cancel my F.U.N. membership?

Please review the details below. To request cancellation of your F.U.N. membership, please email us at [email protected] and include in the Subject Line: “Need to cancel my F.U.N. Membership” Once you have submitted the request, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

Cancellation Policy:

By the last month that your membership is active, you will receive your complete F.U.N. Package as scheduled. Your membership and online account will be automatically terminated on the last day of that months quarter.

If you have not completed the 6-month minimum requirement:

Please note that the F.U.N. membership has a 6-month minimum requirement. If the membership is cancelled prior to completing its minimum, a $15 early termination fee will be charged for each remaining month.

If you are registered for a future Workshop/Masterclass:

If you are registered for a workshop and/or masterclass for which you received an exclusive F.U.N. discount, your membership cannot be canceled until you attend and complete the event. You may submit your cancellation request once you have completed the workshop/masterclass.

Fitness Express International, Inc. | FIERCE4 reserves the right to immediately terminate any account for nonpayment.