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Melissa is an ACE, AFAA, Cycle Reebok, and Aerobox certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years. She has presented her Power Punch Program at the 1995 World Idea Fitness Convention and became a CEC provider for ACE & AFAA. Melissa has also had the privilege of being featured in many of Janis Saffell's and Scott Cole's videos throughout her career, thus allowing her to star in her own video's Step Til You Drop I and II with her friends Laura Downing and Mark Hendricks.

Throughout her career Melissa has seen what it takes to keep fit and stay fit. As a mother of two she has had to deal with the ups and downs of keeping fit herself. "As a "normal" woman, I believe we can help people realize that we are not all meant tolook like someone in a magazine. But we can all evolve, grow, and become the best that we can be, a healthy, beautiful person." This is the reason why she is so excited to join Janis and Pepper in this new endeavor. Fierce 4 is a perfect combination of exercise, dance, kickboxing and plyometrics that will be able to help everyone no matter age, fitness level or gender.

Her Philosophy: Find something, anything you enjoy doing. Take it slow and steady and this for you, not anyone else! ….and Fierce 4 is it!!!!!!


Ron has been a part of the fitness field for over 12 years, primarily in Group Exercise. Ron is also an accomplished martial artist, holding black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo Karate and Wado-Ryu Karate. He is also the first American to attain the rank of Profesor in the ASCAB style of Capoeira (a brazilian martial art). Ron has also competed in Kickboxing, holding a 2-1-1 record which has a 0:07 knockout (a record that still stands), 5 national championship titles, coaching 2 youth national champions, and Triple Crown champion before retiring in 2000.

In 2002, Ron won the title of National Sportaerobic and Fitness Champion. No stranger to the spotlight, Ron has shared the stage with some of the Fitness Elite and one of his childhood idols, Billy Blanks, and still holds that as one of his many highlights, including a 400 person master class at the AAAI conference in New York in 2003. Ron is also featured prominently in the media in Philadelphia.

Perhaps the most astounding fact about Ron is he has 1 and ½ lung capacity, proving that willpower is stronger than the physical.

Guest Lecturer: Drexel University, Independence Charter School, and the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (Topics Included: Kids’ Fitness, Careers in the Fitness Field, Martial Arts & Fitness, Importance of Fitness) 

  • 1st Degree Black Belt Kenpo Karate
  • 1st Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Monitor rank in ASCAB Capoeira
  • Member of ASCAB Capoeira Performance Team
  • 2002 National Sport aerobic and Fitness Challenge Champion
  • 5-time National Karate Champion
  • American Ninja Warrior (participant)
  • MetroDash (competitor)
  • Warrior Dash (competitor)
  • AAA/I Certified Instructor
  • ACE & AFAA Certified Instructor


Barbara is an ACE & AFAA certified instructor for 12 years and personal trainer for 10 years. Barb is certified with Michael Olajide for Boxing, Club Reebok for Kickboxing and has Phase One and Phase Two Certifications with AFAA in Mat Pilates and Yoga. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of classes including Cardio Kickboxing, Aerobics, Step, Pilates, Yoga and Resistance Training. She has been certified in and teaches willPower and grace and ZUMBA at various locations for the last year. Her personal training clients include a Division 1 Field Hockey player, figure skaters, and a Rugby Team. She attended the University of New York at Buffalo, where she minored in dance and performed in many local community theatre productions, including West Side Story and the Music Man.


Ashley Powell has been teaching Group Fitness classes for the last 4 years. She is completely passionate and in LOVE with her job. She began her career teaching in a small studio classes of about 20-40 people and continued to grow her classes to 60-100 people. She is currently teaching  Fierce 4, Zumba, RIPPED, and even Insanity classes! She is a member of Pepper Von’s Fierce Funk Crew.  She has performed on stage at The Zumba Convention 3 years running working with Pepper Von and Jani Roberts. She has joined the FIERCE4 Master Trainer team and travels to educate other FIERCE4 Certified Instructors. She has team taught FIERCE4 master classes and administered the FIERCE4 Certification alongside Janis Saffell in the Mid-West.    She is currently an ACE and AFAA Certified Group Fitness instructor. 


Laura has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 28 years as a group exercise leader in commercial and corporate settings.  Laura has degrees in Business Marketing and Exercise Science as well as multiple fitness certifications including AFAA & ACE Group Fitness, Fierce4, Anusara Yoga, Reebok Cycle and Flexible Strength, Aerobox and Aerojump, Schwinn Cycle, TRX, Zumba and more.She has taken graduate classes in Nutrition, Biochemistry and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, the World’s Largest Nutrition School. She currently owns and operates an Ideal Protein Weight Loss clinic in Lenox.  Laura has been featured in numerous fitness videos with Janis Saffell, Scott Cole, Michael Olajide, Jr.,  including boxing, kickboxing, jump rope, step, pilates, toning, stretch, tai chi.  She has starred in her own video's Step Til You Drop I and II with her friends Melissa Cantillo and Mark Hendricks.  Over the years, Laura has enjoyed participating in various fitness activities ranging from 10K races, a marathon and multiple century bicycle events.  Her favorite hobbies are skiing and biking. Laura’s enthusiasm and motivating style encourages her participants to have fun, challenge themselves and attain their personal fitness goals in a safe and friendly atmosphere.  She has joined the FIERCE4 Master Trainer team and travels to educate other FIERCE4 Certified Instructors. She has team taught with Janis Saffell at multiple top rated USA Fitness Conventions.


Quentin began his fitness career over 13 years ago back in a small town in Southwest Kansas. Over the years, he was been able to obtain several certifications that include Primary Group Exercise, Kickboxing, Aqua, Step, Body Pump, Body Jam and Barbell Strength, Fierce4, and has the ability to teach a variety of formats. Prior to his fitness journey, Quentin found the passion and love for fitness industry when he was only a junior in high school and weighed over 300 pounds.  After being able to connect with his instructor at the time, which is also current, and long-time fitness mentor and friend, he achieved a 130 pound weight loss and has been able to keep it off for more than 16 years.   This dramatic life changes as given Quentin many opportunities within the fitness organization.  He is currently a Master Presenter for Empower!, a national fitness conference presented by Lifetime Fitness.

When Quentin teaches, he has a unique charismatic and uplifting personality that is able to capture and retain everyone’s attention and personality.  His ability to connect with each student, allows everyone who takes his classes, leaving with the feeling of achievement, energized and exhilarated, and a warmed heart.   It is evident that you will be able to feel the passion he exemplifies, as well as, the energy his pours from his heart, which can been seen from miles away.  He has joined the FIERCE4 Master Trainer team and travels to educate other FIERCE4 Certified Instructors. He has team taught with Janis Saffell at multiple top rated USA Fitness Conventions.