FIERCE4 Fitness - Fight | Fun-K | Fitness | Fusion

One Experience Could Change Your Life


Clubs Benefits

  • What does FIERCE4® have to offer your facility?
    FIERCE4® integrates and fuses together 4 disciplines - Martial Arts moves, Fun-k Dance moves, Pilates & Yoga poses with balanced wellness. FIERCE4 is a FUN - TRAIN HARD PLAY HARDER cardio-interval intensive class that will have participants feeling like they are having tons of fun rather than working out. FIERCE4® does not require any equipment or charge any licensing fees for use. All you need to get started is a professionally trained FIERCE4® Instructor, space to move and a sound system.
  • We bring new members to you through advertising & PR exposure
    receives ongoing local, national and international press with appearances on local morning shows, like Fox, and many more promoting the FIERCE4® brand. Wherever FIERCE4® goes the media follows - generating excitement and discussion in the community. This brand recognition will drive people to your facility and once they experience the FIERCE4 ultimate fun workout they are sure to keep coming back. Additionally, The FIERCE4® website features a “find an F4 Instructor” link that will drive people directly to you. 
  • Members Success and Retention
    is designed for Everyone! The FIERCE4® Workout = Are you Ready to TRAIN HARD & PLAY HARDER - The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and you get the FIERCEST body in 60 days.! We use proven fat-burning and effective sculpting techniques with simple kicking, lunging, dance, pilates, yoga and punching moves which get you in the fat-burning zone fast! The unique FIERCE4® system makes the class easy to follow and fun!  Our "motto" is not one participant is ever left behind! Participants are able to master the movements, which gives them a feeling of immediate success and encourages them to come back again and again for more FIERCE4 Fun! Consistent participation leads to results that they can see and feel and these positive results are a key factor in member retention. Each FIERCE4® class closes with a positive affirmation quote and students receive monthly organic recipe treat cue cards to increase nutritional awareness.
  • Cutting Edge Programming
    Dance-based exercise has recently come back into the forefront of group exercise. Mix that excitement with high-energy kickboxing, Pilates & Yoga poses with balanced wellness and you have immediate success.   FIERCE4® students transform into ultimate fighters, fun-k street dancers, elegant ripped pilates masters, and flexible meditation yogi's all in one class. The fusion of these F4 disciplines (Kickboxing, Fun-k, Pilates, and Yoga) keep the classes exciting, fun, rewarding and will have your facility on the cutting-edge of group exercise!
  • Brand Support
    provides ongoing support and continuing education to our FIERCE4® Certified Instructors through the FUN instructor network. FUN Instructors are encouraged to fill their classes and create a sense of community and loyalty among participants. To that end, they are provided with new choreography videos, music downloads, effective marketing ideas, a discussion forum, website support and other necessary assistance to help make FIERCE4® a success at every facility.

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