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How To Become a FIERCE4 Master Trainer!

Become an Advanced Level FIERCE4 Master Trainer

(Orange, Purple & Black Belt Level)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a FIERCE4 Master Trainer! We are excited to grow our FIERCE4 family with well-qualified and highly motivated individuals to become part of our F4 Educational Team. As a FIERCE4 Master Trainer, you will be responsible for presenting a full-day FIERCE4 Certification program, F4 workshops and F4 masterclasses to fitness professionals.

Selection process and qualifications:

To qualify, you must meet certain requirements (see below), if accepted you will be invited to attend a FIERCE4 Certification program as an apprentice where you will be trained to present FIERCE4 programs. *all requirements must be met.


Orange Belt: Master Class Instructor *Must hold (1) current nationally recognized primary certification.

Purple Belt: Workshop Leader = CEC provider for ACE/AFAA *Must hold both ACE/AFAA Certifications & be a CEC provider.

Black Belt: FIERCE4 Education Specialist (FES) Presenter = Present full-day FIERCE4 Certification.  *Must hold both ACE/AFAA Certifications and be a current CEC provider for the US.

All candidates are required to meet the following qualification standards:

  1. You must be an active F.U.N. Member.
  2. You must have previous experience teaching group fitness or exercise classes.
  3. You must hold (1) nationally recognized certification for ORANGE BELT Level.
  4.  You must  hold both ACE/AFAA Certificates for PURPLE/BLACK BELT Level for the USA, and/or hold a current certification by an international certifying body, or hold a university degree in an exercise or health related field, and be a current CEC provider.
  5. You must have prior experience providing educational workshops to fitness professionals.
  6. As part of the application process, you will need to complete a Master Trainer Application Form,


As part of the application process, you will need to complete a Master Trainer Application Form, upload your resume, upload a current head shot photo, and provide a short video of you teaching a FIERCE4 class. Instructions on how to upload your resume, photo and video are provided on the Application Form page.

To be considered you must meet the following requirements:

1. Become a FIERCE4 Certified Instructor

2. Become a FIERCE4 Ultimate Network (F.U.N.) Member. Join NOW

3. Submit a DVD or Online Video of yourself teaching a FIERCE4 class

  • Film yourself teaching a FIERCE4 Class.  Video must include all FIERCE4 Fused Disciplines including Funk, Kickboxing, Pilates & Yoga.
  • Set-up the camera to face you directly so your entire body is visible in the video footage.
  • Teach the class as if you would when instructing a typical FIERCE4 class.
  • Video assessment criteria: Knowledge of FIERCE4 class format and program, Technique, Cuing, Teaching Skills, Presentation, Safety and Musicality.

4.  If you meet the qualifications listed above, and would like to apply online, please click the link below to get started.

APPLY NOW! Click Here


5. If you prefer to mail in your application please send the following:

Send above items addressed to:
Fitness Express International | FIERCE4

2333 Brickell Avenue | Suite 208 | Miami, FL 33129

OR e-mail to [email protected]



ORANGE BELT: Click here to reveiw

PURPLE & BLACK BELT: Click here to review