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Quotes I'm a fitness instructor who teaches EVERYTHING. I've been looking for a fun, holistic class to share with my clients - THIS IS IT! Quotes
Stacey Linn
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Lakewood CO

Quotes The instructors were enthusiastic & made the masterclass enjoyable & FUN! Pepper explained the concept well! Quotes
Cheryl Petrarca
Denver, Co

Quotes I am the host of Colorado's Best for KWGN in Denver. I also host Fitness Friday's on the show since I am a nationally certified group fitness instructor. I had the immense pleasure of trying out the new Fierce4 workout at the AAAI in Colorado Springs. What a workout! I loved that it combined all my loves in fitness, the hip hop, martial arts, yoga and Pilates. It was all packaged into one hour which is a huge advantage to someone like me who strives to fit In a workout every day on a busy schedule. I recommend Fierce4 to busy career women, mom's at home or women who juggle both like me. Thanks to Janis and Pepper for creating a workout that challenges yet gets you in and out in one hour. Quotes
Joana Canals
Host/Colorado's Best

Quotes FIERCE4 is the perfect mix of all my favorite workouts. The instructor training was very informative & most of all FUN! I can't wait to start teaching this class to my fitness students! They are going to love it! Quotes
Colby Butler
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Saratoga, WY

Quotes The FIERCE4 certification was one of the most enjoyable certifications I have attended. I loved the energy and FUN. I was nervous about learning new concepts however the amazing talent and approach made me comfortable. I was attracted to this certification for exactly what I am leaving with; an amazing excitement about incorporating all parts of well being together and better being able to make a positive difference in peoples lives. Quotes
Linda Potter
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Elizabeth, CO

Quotes What an amazing experience! The fusion of disciplines coming together! Brilliant! The opportunity for interval training as well as body/mind experience infused and complimenting one another. Love the whole body approach - nutrition, diet, exercise, happiness - quiet all harmonizing together. Thank you! Looking forward to learning more. Quotes
Paula McCabe
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Pueblo, CO

Quotes My experience with FIERCE4 was great. The way the method was explained & presented was awesome. It had a great Energy & Flow between the different types of workout styles that made it different, energetic, FUN for sure and a class people have been waiting for. Quotes
Helene Martinez
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Lafayette, CO

Quotes FIERCE4 was an awesome experience and one of the best fusions of exercise I've experienced. I physically recongized the difference in a short time! Janis & Pepper made it very FUN & interesting. An encouragement to always do better & explore my potential further! Thanks for a great time! Quotes
Diana Anderson
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Canon City, CO

Quotes I can't wait to share FIERCE4 with my students! Finally the perfect workout.....and its FUN! F4 incorporates the discipline of kickboxing, the carefree dance of funk, the core strength of pilates, and flexibility of yoga. And presented by the best in the industry of fitness. Awesome, I can't wait for more! Quotes
Laurie Kroll
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Brighton, CO
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