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Quotes Awesome presentation. Had a great time excellent. Quotes
Collen Cabral
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - W, Barnstable, MA

Quotes It was awesome a well rounded, intense, fat burning workout. The presenter was great & the experience was very informative. Quotes
Venera Cocks
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Teaticket MA

Quotes It was very exciting, fun & would recommend it. - Love it : ) Quotes
Josie Babcock
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Weston, MA

Quotes Amazing. I love the philosophy of creating a holistic wellness program, not simply a workout. My students can incorporate the practice throughout their daily lives. And so will I! Quotes
Jeannie Lieder
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Rockville, MD

Quotes Excellent! Learned lots. Best class & teacher I've had in 3 yrs. Janis was great. Quotes
Marcy Littrell
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Loveland CO

Quotes Challenging, Fun, Challenging! Motivating = to eat better, take better care of myself. The kickboxing & yoga was all New to me so a bit overwhelming. It is a total wellness experience. Quotes
Meredith Kitch
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Scott City KS

Quotes The day was full of great information and sharing with both the instructors and other students. The philosophy of the class was much more than I expected and I really like & look forward to offering FIERCE4 to my students. Janis, Melissa & Laura were awesome! I look forward to meeting Pepper Later! Quotes
Tricia Strahler
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Castle Rock CO

Quotes Wonderful, good balance between lecture and practical workout. Great intense and new workout. : ) Quotes
Kerri Hearn
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Glenwood Springs CO

Quotes Amazing! I learned a great deal & I'm excited to move forward w/ my career. Well put together & excellent info. Quotes
Heather Nasbaum
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Killeen TX

Quotes It was way more than expected "Exceeded Expectations" I am very pleased to have taken the steps to be certified. Quotes
Nora Quiles
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Colorado Springs CO