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Quotes I was blown away by my 1st opportunity to see Janis Saffell and Pepper Von introduce their exciting new program; Fierce4! These two talented and experienced fitness professionals have collaborated to create a comprehensive and exciting new program for fitness professionals seeking something new and different. I can?t wait to see them in action again. Quotes
Mark Hoffman
Owner of Dynamix Music

Quotes Awesome! Loved it! Quotes
Ann Marie Kellcher
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Kingston, MA

Quotes Excellent experience. Janis was great. Enjoyed the class great fusion. Quotes
Serena Swartz
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Providence, RI

Quotes It was great! Janis was a great presenter! It is unique and exciting. Quotes
Tricia Lynn Thomas
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Farmington, ME

Quotes It was fantastic! Janis is an amazing presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and am very excited about teaching this program as well as working toward higher belt levels. It was so much fun and I learned a lot, leaving with a plan and ideas on how to move forward in my career. Thank you! Quotes
Candace Tramack
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - New Ipswich, NH

Quotes Great program and wonderful instructor. Quotes
Marie Senno
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Carmel, NY

Quotes It was a great journey in learning about a new awesome program and learning about how to better myself. It was extremely educational. Janis did an awesome job. Thorough & very information. Quotes
Stephanie Aycock
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - East Sandwich, MA

Quotes Lots of fun! Great energy. Lots of stuff to cover. I have the tools to build a class. It incorporates lots of other disciplines, so its either a great intro or a good review. Thank you! Quotes
Karen Hellekson, PhD, ELS
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Jay, ME

Quotes It was great! Very informative and a great presenter. Instructor was very good at breaking down the moves and presenting the philosophy. Quotes
Dennis Goldsmith
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Cambridge, MA

Quotes Awesome! More than I expected - so happy to finally take this cert. I simply loved it exactly what I want to do! Quotes
Joanne Post
FIERCE4 Certified Instructor - Rockville, MD
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